Officially born in September 2016, Foxdrinks offers its products in the country’s department stores and has already won over many fans.


Fox Drinks was created by two Luxembourgers: Pierre Beck and his partner Catherine Marie.
The idea was to offer low-calorie alcoholic beverages to meet the demand of people on a diet. But also to diabetics, women and “healthy” enthusiasts, without banishing beer and crémant from their moments of relaxation.
The promise

The beer: 
33% fewer calories
90% less carbohydrates
0.0 g of sugars
4.7% alc. by volume
No artificial flavors or preservatives

The Crémant: 
Zero dosage
Fewer calories
0.0 g carbohydrates
0.0 g of sugars
12.5% alc. by volume
No artificial flavors or preservatives

Quality partner

By joining the Maison Breedewee Business Club, the Fox Drinks team offered to be a beer distributor for our events. You will be able to taste this drink at all our events, and it will be exclusively available for your professional events. There’s nothing like it to seduce your guests! 

In the same perspective of communication, we decided to organize a photo shoot of the brand within the premises of the House to promote our values. An elegant and tasty beer in a warm and carefully decorated setting: the perfect combo.

Discover Fox Drinks and their products on their website.
They provide the drinks, we take care of the place!