Specialized in creating hotel DNA, Travelsify targets a B2B audience to help them create/manage their brand, improve their customers’ experience and optimize the use of data. 

First platform dedicated to the creation of hotel DNA

“Personalization is a matter of trust and hotels are experiences, not products. “: In this spirit, Travelsify Hotel DNA™ was created, the first content platform in the world that characterizes each hotel with a unique weighted sequence of metadata defining the experience.

By analyzing more than 160 million comments from travellers and experts, Travelsify extracted 34 key features of the hotel that matter to travellers when booking.

Travelers can now reliably search and compare hotels around the world to find the experience they are looking for.

Today, online booking platforms and hotel groups still rely on outdated facilities to describe hotels as travelers share their experiences. Travelers talk about these concepts because it is important to them.

Since 2016, the start-up has already proven its worth

Created in spring 2016, the private company is based in Luxembourg and managed by 3 experienced entrepreneurs from the fields of technology, Big Data and personalization: Bruno Chauvat, Alexandra Fernandez Ramos and Dr Alexander Weber. 

Travelsify employs more than 15 people in Luxembourg, from 7 different countries, several of whom hold doctorates or experts in linguistics.

In March 2017, Travelsify, the first platform in the world dedicated to creating hotel DNA based on the experience of travelers, raised €2 million from Business Angels in Luxembourg and with the support of the Ministry of Economy in Luxembourg.

Today, it is the leader in its category and is constantly evolving. AccorHotels.com has even announced the launch of its unique travel search engine, MoodMatch, using Travelsify’s technology.

To enable its deployment, manage its customer appointments and increase its networking, Travelsify has chosen to join Maison Breedewee’s Business Club since the beginning of 2018.

Located a few hundred meters from its Luxembourg premises, the House represents an extension of the start-up for its team meetings and professional discussions.