Organizing a meeting outside your usual offices will help you achieve defined objectives upstream, for your teams or your clients.

External meeting rooms

There are several advantages to outsourcing your meetings to a new location. The first is for your employees. In order to motivate them, boost their creativity and strengthen team cohesion, taking them out of the office is a very good solution, practiced by more and more companies.

Enjoy warm, uniquely decorated places where the innovative spirit is at the heart of the spaces at your disposal. Changing the atmosphere, taking possession of other meeting rooms, breaks the routine and will have a direct impact on the morale of your teams.

For your clients, whom you always receive in your offices, moving to a new location and offering them a meeting in an original meeting room will make them more comfortable.

Giving attention to your prospects or customers, by showing them that you are making an effort to welcome them, will give them a special feeling. An equipped meeting room, with neat decoration and top-of-the-range furniture, will make them aware of the importance you attach to them.

Booking and privatization

Organizing an outdoor meeting is not that complicated! Indeed, the spaces offering the rental of meeting rooms in their premises take care of all the necessary elements for your comfort. Coffee, water, projector, whiteboards, all the tools can be combined according to your needs so that your meeting goes smoothly.

In order to guarantee the confidentiality of your exchanges and your well-being, the meeting rooms at our disposal are reserved in advance, and privatized for your company during the defined time.

Why a meeting in an atypical place?

Choosing an original and upscale location gives you the assurance of offering a different setting to participants. Much more than a simple meeting room, this place must allow you to achieve the objectives you have set beforehand.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of three reasons to choose a top-of-the-range room with a welcome and services “like at home”.

Break the routine

Changing traditional corporate and impersonal meeting rooms in hotels means giving yourself the opportunity to break out of traditional codes. To propose a new framework, for everyone, but also for fun. It also reflects the image of an innovative company, both internally and externally.
This also applies to other professional events such as a company seminar. You have the possibility to book a place where the decoration and atmosphere, and the service of the service provider’s dedicated teams, will put you in optimal conditions.

Facilitating exchanges

Your employees and customers will be more open minded thanks to this different framework, which changes them from more institutional places. Participating in a meeting on a neutral and friendly field will make it easier to interact, especially during a strategic meeting with a key client. Without altering your objectives defined upstream, an original and atypical meeting room will create a climate of trust, which will be beneficial to you.

Improve decision-making

If you prefer a warm meeting room, equipped with the necessary equipment and where a team takes care of the logistics, you can concentrate entirely on your appointment. Optimal conditions where decision-making is facilitated.

Would you like to enjoy a meeting room in the heart of Luxembourg City in a charming house? We are at your disposal!