On the evening of March 8, we organized a private cocktail around securitization and more specifically to present Breedewee Opportunities. Following a selection of important players corresponding to the target group, we personally invited about twenty professionals who were pleased to attend.

Breedewee Opportunities introduction

After a welcome with champagne and catering, we invited the participants to meet in our meeting room “Luxembourg” to quickly explain the vision of the Breedewee group.

A focus was then placed on our securitization company, Breedewee Opportunities. The occasion for our project leaders to express themselves to this qualified audience and justify their investment request, with a specific purpose. 

The evening then continued with a dinner cocktail and was rich in fascinating exchanges. 

The new Rendez-vous

As part of its development, Maison Breedewee has decided to organize private parties like this one several times a year. The aim is to bring together qualified investors, to whom we present interesting and off-market financial products. 

It is also an opportunity to strengthen our network of professionals and to connect the necessary contacts for the development of new business.

Would you like to attend our next event? Send us an email to contact@breedewee.com
Please note that these private conferences are reserved for qualified investors.