Business Club

A dynamic community

In the heart of Luxembourg City, where passion and ambition are the masters of the game.

A real state of mind

Individually we are a drop of water. Together, we are an ocean.

By sharing their address book, Business Club members help each other, often well beyond a simple recommendation. These networks represent great benefits, major actors in the development of companies. Maison Breedewee is at the disposal of its members in Luxembourg for their various activities and regularly organizes events to develop meetings and expand its network.

Take advantage of access to a common space, several meeting rooms, a relaxation area, a Game Room, a kitchen, etc. to make your projects flourish in a new and innovative setting, in the heart of the historic city centre of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. 

Maison Breedewee is your Business Club !  
Enjoy all its facilities to create a productive and dynamic break, surrounded by passionate professionals.

The common benefits

Included in each Business Club.

Free access to events on our premises

Meeting room hours are included each month

30% discount on the rental of additional meeting rooms

Connection with our contacts according to your needs

Our membership packages

Choose the formula that suits you best.


per month
annual billing

For entrepreneurs looking for the support of a community of passionate professionals.


  • 3H00 of meeting rooms per month
  • 3 events per year (organization)
  • 10 days a month: work access
  • Partner Privileges 
  • Access to our community of members


per month
annual billing

Support small businesses in their development through our facilities and services.


  • 6H00 of meeting rooms per month
  • 6 events per year (organization)
  • 10 days a month: work access
  • Partner Privileges 
  • Access to our community of members
  • Access to our network of mentors


contact us
to get a quote

Offer to larger companies a different workplace to stimulate employee creativity.


  • 8H00 of meeting rooms per month
  • 8 events per year (organization)
  • Business Partner Privileges
  • Access to our dynamic network

Together we are stronger

Enter through the Business Club, evolve as a partner.





By becoming a member of the Business Club, you get to know the professionals around us and you can immerse yourself in our values and vision.


By being a member, you participate in the various actions set up in the House and develop life within it, to create links with the various actors in our community.


Links will be created with the members and founders of Maison Breedewee. By pooling our ideas, we will develop new projects, by becoming partners.

Member Benefits Program

Discover the privileges offered by our partners, included in each Business Club and worth more than €8,000.

Join the Business Club

You too, be part of the community.